Back training again….

The problem with exercising with your kids is that they just keep training, so just seven days after Ironman Lanzarotte, I’m back in the pool three times a week doing swim squads and riding twice a week (for 2hrs each ride) with my daughter.¬† The wife asked me if I wanted to go for a run with her and I just looked at her and said, I’ll have another G&T ūüôā

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Ironman Lanzarotte – Best Awards Party? yeh right…

I judge an Ironman based on the awards party.¬† Western Australia holds the title and when talking with event organisers they said get as a late a bus back as possible, as Club Santa rocks.¬† Well I got a taxi back (at the cost of NZ$70) before the first bus, as it was terrible…

My wife runs a Paella Catering company in Auckland  and she would have been horrified by the awful Paella that was served.  It was dry, tasteless and used long grain rice, hardly a great advert for Spains national dish.  It was 95% rice and you had to hunt around for meat/seafood (see picture right)

The beer/wine was plentiful, but as the party was outside, the winds where still howling and it was quite cold, so most people left and took what atomosphere there was with them.  I did however get a mention in-directly as the race director thanked the one athlete who came all the way from New Zealand

On the subject of Race Directors, what an absolute star this one was.  He was there at the finish line, he shook every finshers hand and thanked them for coming to Lanzarotte.  After a wonderfully (the best) organised event, this was just the icing on the cake.  Great event, great race, shame about my result and more importantly the after party.

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you are a f***ing Ironman…

Well what can I say, I thought I was prepared for this race, I thought 10-12hrs per week cycling would be enough and my I was wrong…¬† I rode the course during the week leading up to the race but nothing could prepare me for the winds that gusted 50kpmh in places.

On the positive side… for many years I attended a particular swim squad and my swim times just never improved.¬† Thanks to Lynn and the team at GI, I improved my swim, breaking my PB by over 6 minutes in far from ideal conditions.

The bike ride was spectacular, but one rider who had been battling the headwinds with me for hours turned to me at one point when we were pretty damn tired and said “ah well only 100km and a marathon to go” and that sort of summed up the day for me.

When I finally dismounted the bike, my left foot was blistered.¬† Walking through transition was painfull and the thought of attempting 42km was pure lunacy.¬† That damn Ironman creed of “fight to finish” came back to me and I was determined to see if it was going to be possible to finish.¬† I walked the first 1km multipled it by 42 and worked out I would come in around 16:30, so I thought what the hell…¬† Try walking 42km at a brisk pace, it aint easy, add the heat, the tired legs and a blister that makes every step painfull and you know you have a battle on your hands.

I had time to reflect whilst marching the 42km on the three most annoying calls you get from the crowd.

  1. “Come on.. only xx to go” (do they think for one moment we have no idea how far to go)
  2. “Looking Good” (I was really at the point of smacking the next person to say that)
  3. “Pick it up” (do they really think we enjoy going so slow)

What ever happened to “Well Done”, “Great Stuff” etc…¬†¬† Here’s a few piccies…

In my life my priorities are my wife, my children, my friends, my work and then training (in that very specific order) and I take no shame in spending more time on things up the priority list, but nevertheless, I could do better.  Still a special moment for my Mother and Father to be there to pick me up at the end.  I was quite ill after the race and the full extent of what I had put my body through soon hit home.

Anyway, I took on the toughest Ironman on the circuit (many mutliple Lanzarotte finishers said it was the hardest they had competed in) and it nearly killed me, but I fought to the finish and claimed my medal, a medal that means far more than any before it.

SWIM 1:11:21 (1:52/100m)   [winner 1:15/100m]
T1: SWIM-TO-BIKE 6:24      [winner 2:40]
BIKE 8:18:26 (21.67 km/h)   [winner 37.26 km/h]
T2: BIKE-TO-RUN 8:11         [winner 2:49]
RUN 6:56:43 (9:52/km)        [winner 3:57/km]
OVERALL 16:41:05
RANK 1197/1472
DIV.POS. 183

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No going back, gear all in transition…

The organisation is all a little strange here, but on relfection makes perfect sense.¬† After having your bike/helmet checked you are in T1/T2.¬† It’s up to you to put your bike and run bag on it’s hook and obviously rack your bike.¬† With the start/finish on the sea front changing area from the swim is on the beach, then you run up to the road where your bike is.¬† Run bag is near my bike, no idea where the changing area is, but I guess follow the leader rules apply.

Its quote bizzare the make-up of the field about 80% male and all old knackers like me, check out where the Kona slots are…

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All packed and ready to party…

It’s one of the final moments when you have packed your bags and there’s no going back. Double check you have packed everything, seal the bags and just forget about it all.¬† It’s such a nice sight to see your bike and bags all ready to go…

Talking about partying, I spotted a great t-shirt on the sea front whilst checking out the transition, it read “Iv’e had bad luck with both my wives.¬† The first one left me and the second one didn’t” – of course doesn’t apply to me, but funny anyway.

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Forecast for Sat May 21st – Cloudy skies 26¬įc NNE 31kmph winds

The waiting game begins as atheletes finally start talking about the race.¬† The weather is a concern as we have had thunderstorms and rain all week.¬† Personally I am more worried about the winds…

Seems the British Bars on the front are starting to advertise the race, here’s an absolute classic…¬† Brits can watch the Iroman and not miss an episode of “Britains got Talent” – priceless…

It’s during the long waiting game that I must pay tribute to my bike riding buddy Tristan Adams.¬† He got up 5:30am week in week out with me on a Saturday morning to go for what I usually told him was a quick three hour ride, but in reality was a 5-6hr ride in the Waitakeres or Hunuas.¬† Ablsolute star for coming back for more each week.

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Registered and ready to go…

Got the bus to Club Santa and registered.¬† One of the most simple and pleasant registrations to date.¬† And definately one of the best gear bags ever handed out.¬† It’s only a matter of time before one of my kids gets their hands on this, so the first one of them to comment on this blog post gets it.

Got chatting with many an athelete, so now in the mood to go out there and do it…¬† Seems the carbo party is non-mandatory and because Club Santa is a 1/2hr drive away, many people do not go.

Club Santa is an ideal place to go train in preparation for Kona, it’s just sports mad, got a full 400m running track too.¬† Below is a picture taken of the swimming pools.¬† Must say I’m glad I’m staying on the other side of the island.¬† Time to relax and wait for Saturday… maybe a quick dip in the ocean before dinner tonite.

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