Ironman Lanzarotte – Best Awards Party? yeh right…

I judge an Ironman based on the awards party.  Western Australia holds the title and when talking with event organisers they said get as a late a bus back as possible, as Club Santa rocks.  Well I got a taxi back (at the cost of NZ$70) before the first bus, as it was terrible…

My wife runs a Paella Catering company in Auckland  and she would have been horrified by the awful Paella that was served.  It was dry, tasteless and used long grain rice, hardly a great advert for Spains national dish.  It was 95% rice and you had to hunt around for meat/seafood (see picture right)

The beer/wine was plentiful, but as the party was outside, the winds where still howling and it was quite cold, so most people left and took what atomosphere there was with them.  I did however get a mention in-directly as the race director thanked the one athlete who came all the way from New Zealand

On the subject of Race Directors, what an absolute star this one was.  He was there at the finish line, he shook every finshers hand and thanked them for coming to Lanzarotte.  After a wonderfully (the best) organised event, this was just the icing on the cake.  Great event, great race, shame about my result and more importantly the after party.


About Lardman

"Lardman" (aka Jose Luis Fowler) is a 45 year old businessman, who runs and owns one of Aucklands premier computer development companies ( Four Acres Limited ) and he is rarely away from his computer desk. "Lardman" is happily married to Sally, his wife of 15 years and they have three children, George (13), Estafana (11) and Prudence (8). Sally is a keen runner herself and is often found pounding the pavements of Mt.Eden having herself ran 3 marathons in the last twelve months. "Lardman" is also the inspiration behind his wife's catering business "Cook at Home Paella" "Lardman" is an Auckland Rugby Referee, so supplements his training running up and down the pitch after Rugby Players. "Lardman" is also currently chairperson of the Eden Park Residents Association so with the RWC2011 and the developments at Eden Park he is kept busy during what little spare time he has. "Lardman" was born in Meriden, England (the heart of England, middle of The Midlands and the furthest point away from the sea) on 7th November 1965 and migrated to New Zealand with his family in December 1999 as has never looked back. The entire family are now NZ citizens and regard New Zealand as their home. "Lardman" had never participated in a Multi-Sport event before and since running a marathon in 1982 had not ran any significant distance, but is nevertheless looks forward to a challenge.
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