Story of how not to be a good support crew!

You have to laugh (well I did see the funny side eventually).  I went for a ride on the course with my Father who’s now in his 70’s in the support car.  The plan was he was to drive ahead of me, wait at the next possible place on the road, see me ride by and repeat…  He thought it was a great idea to get some photos…

So after 10 mins he is nowhere to be seen.  After 45 mins I ascent one of the big hills a spot my father taking a photo of this rider whom I caught up.  Turns out he’s been following this guy thinking it’s me and got some great photos of him…  In the last photo you can see me just coming in behind this guy, whoever he is (he must have thought my Dad was mad as he kept stopping and taking photos)

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Tour of the Bike Course

Some great photos of the bike course, the first one is the sea at Club Santa which is on the other side of the island where Registration, Carbo and Awards parties take place, no wonder they don’t do the swim here.  One photo is an alternate way of getting up those big hills.  The bike course really was like Kona with bigger hills.  Spectacular, can’t wait.

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Remember Ironman doesn’t have to be serious

Whilst checking out the start/finish area yesterday, I found a place called “Monica MM Nite Club, Topless & Striptease Bar”.  Now at Kona the thought of a Corona at the Seven-Eleven by the finish kept me going, but surely this is more of an incentive to get to the finish line…

Had loads of good luck wishes, the one that put a smile to my face was from a client who said “good luck for the race,  remember it’s the same day we do the JDE upgrade so take your netbook on the road”

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The rain in Spain falls mainly on the Plane – Yeh Right !!

Rode the run course and a bit of the bike course and got absolutely soaked.  Thunderstorms hit Lanzarotte.  Roads were very slippy, so cut short the ride.  Was going to drive the bike course today, but think I’ll delay plans now.

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The Swim Course in Panorama Vision

Walked on the sand and burnt my feet to  bring you this photo of the swim course.  Basically we swim from the end of the beach in the distance to about 100m from where I am standing and back again TWICE, with a 20m run on the beach in between laps… how nice.. Again Bike course in the background

Here’s where I took the picture from… The red arrow marks the spot, now should get an idea of the swim course by now…

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Ngāpuhi Warrior on Run Course

Got up nice and early and did another lovely swim, this time over a few reefs with some beautiful fish.  My parents flew in from Spain and my Dad who’s now well into his 70’s is a great bag looker afterer.  It’s great to share this moments with family.

Thought I’d put my shades and Ngāpuhi t-shirt on and bullishly run along the run course, thinking I might get a few eyebrow nods, but alas it was too early in the morning for any Kiwi backpackers to be out and about.

This photo was taken at 8:00am and the sun was already out, however the sea was much calmer than it was the evening before.

NZ$40 to hire a car for the day, so going to drive the bike course tomorrow.  May take the bike and tackle the odd big hill just to feel the pain in advance.

On a humourus note, I always thought it was a myth that British holiday makers got up nice and early to put their towels by the pool and secure the best position.  Well this photo was taken at 7:00am (and there were no towels there the night before)

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First Swim in the Atlantic Ocean

Once the midday heat was over I thought it was time to get a swim in. So off I went in my swimsuit at took a dip in the Atlantic. The swim course is a two lap course and the water was crystal clear, so you will be able to see the bottom the entire time. I am still undecided as to whether I will wear a wetsuit or not. If I choose not, then I will have non as many ironman events non-wetsuit as I have done in a wetsuit.

They say it pays to check out the bike/run profile before the event, I reckon a good long look at this photo should be more than enough… 2551m of climbing on the bike, single 1 lap course… nice…

Nice glass or two of Valencian Rose, then bed..

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